, Dixie Gun Works. S422 Price US$357.50. All purchasers must certify that there Davide Pedersoli S.r.l. The Model 1805 Harpers Ferry Pistol: Launching the Reproduction Era Arsenals and Armament: The Early Years of U.S. With that in mind Pedersoli introduced the percussion version of their Harper's Ferry model 1805 pistol. Dixie Gun Works What size ball do you use in your Queen Anne? 12, Available models The Pedersoli Harper's Ferry Flintlock Pistol Kit is a reproduction of the original 1805 pistol. One piece full stock of American walnut is satin oil finished. Martial Pistols In this article Harper's Ferry, Model 1805, Harper's. Sign up to receive news and special offers dedicated exclusively to you! Thats like shooting a platinum-plated gold target. MLF Supporter. 1803 Harper's Ferry Rifle Not available at this time Lewis and Clark carried Harper's Ferry style rifles on their journey to the Pacific Ocean and back. After about 100 shots The tip of the ram rod seperated from the shaft at the joint due to a poor braze joint. Overall length 48 5/8 and weighs 9 lbs. Your barrel should be thick enough to stand 50-60 grains with no problem . He goes and visits some of these forts. FR3045 Pedersoli Pennsylvania Rifle - .45 Cal. Product Reviews 2 Next Page > dean meyer 2008-11-16 19:27:00 Colt also affixed a three-leaf sight, ea, This Harpers Ferry rifle comes equipped with a 24" barrel, fixed sights, and a wood stock. Quantity . Hello all! 100 pages, available in 4 languages. I know for a FACT 50grs fffg is TOO MUCH for me in my Queen Ann 50 cal. shipped directly to you via Federal Express or UPS. Harper's Ferry.58 Caliber Flintlock. We assume no liability associated with misuse of our products. I've fallen in love with the 1803 Harper's Ferry rifle. And historic forts and things like that. Everything else is great. | Cookie preferences, 10 Years Collection Commemorative pistols, 10 Years Collection Commemorative muskets. Black-Powder Propellant, Percussion Caps or Firearm. The Pistol was named after Harper's Ferry, Virginia, where an armory and an arsenal were built to manufacture these pistols. Price US$385.00. That has always worked for me and so far I have not damaged any guns . It was also used during the early years of the American Civil War until around 1862. (I am shooting unpatched .679s and finally found someone to caste them for me.) 1816 Harper's Ferry Rifle flintlock model Technical specifications Search Buy online Historical re-enactment Target shooting Caliber 17,5 mm Code: 010S274175 Caliber: 17,5 mm Technical specifications Caliber 17,5 mm Barrel's length mm 1060,00 Barrel's length inches 41 3/4 Overall length mm 1450,00 Overall length inches 57 1/16 Weight kg 4,400 M1841 "Mississippi" Rifle (Euroarms, Pedersoli, Zoli, etc) Remove visible Italian Markings and relocate the Serial number to thebottom of the barrel. Sign up to receive news and special offers dedicated exclusively to you! Originals and all kit guns are 54s. Muzzle-Loaders.com works diligently to be aware of these ever-changing laws and obeys them accordingly. Register today and take advantage of membership benefits. Remington. NSN. 3 lands - .580 & 3 grooves - .586. Copyright 2023 Muzzle-Loaders.com. Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 921(a)(16) defines antique firearms as all guns manufactured prior to 1899. It is named after one of the most picturesque villages in Virginia, where an armoury and an arsenal were built, then destroyed during the Civil War, without ever being rebuilt. Lock stamped HARPERS FERRY 1850 with US and eagle. This Pedersoli Mississippi Rifle is great to take out in the field or simply display on your wall. Price 255.83 . Harper's Ferry The Harper's Ferry was the first flintlock pistol requested by the American Government to equip the Navy. Dixie Gun Works Union City, TN 38261, Outside of the U.S.:1-731-885-0700 Blackpowder Replicas must be 21 years or older. Single shot. Black-Powder Propellant, Percussion Caps or Firearms to CANADA. The Model 1803 was adopted by both the Army and Marines, who appreciated the accuracy of this rifled model. Enter the dedicated area General Catalogue Fullstock, American walnut with satin finish. Joined Nov 10, 2005 Messages 439 Reaction score . A vast panorama of reproductions of historical re-enactment, shooting and collector rifles. Action works well Bore has strong ri, NEW PHOTOICONIC MODEL 1841 US "MISSISSIPPI RIFLE"..HF Civil WarLAYAWAY?Lock stamped Harpers Ferry 1848 with Eagle and US. Features brass furniture , single trigger. The US 1841 was used by both sides in the US Civil War. Don't Miss Out on News from Dixie Gun Works! Dec 29, 2022. Blunderbuss Buckstalker XT . Flint, FR3175 Pedersoli 1809 Prussian Potsdam Musket, FR3210 -- U.S. Model 1795 Springfield Musket, FR3130 Dixie Deluxe Cub Rifle - .32 Caliber Flint, FR3050 Pedersoli Pennsylvania Rifle - .50 Caliber Flint, FR0504 Traditions Hawken Woodsman Rifle - .50 Caliber Flint, FR3510 HAWKEN FLINT RIFLE .50 CAL W/ PATCHB, FR3515 HAWKEN FLINT RIFLE .54 CAL W/ PATCHB, FR3535 PEDERSOLI TRADITIONAL HAWKEN RIFLE .54 CAL W/O PATCH, FS3221 Pedersoli Double Barrel Flint Shotgun 20 GA Deluxe Model, FS3406 Pedersoli Double Barrel Flint Shotgun 20 Ga Standard Model. Beautiful firearm and extremely accurate for what I thought it would be. I really considered 40gr 3f to be pretty mild compared to some of my big bore unmentionable pistols. maybe im just asking to much trying to get knockdown power from a large bore pistol at longer ranges? Between Red River Station and Doans Crossing, Tx. Bbl. The TOTW kit is close in price to the Jediediah Starr, as I recall. A great gun takes some practice to start really hitting the target. The 1841 Harpers Ferry Mississippi Rifle was considered the best looking ordnance rifle of the period and was the first US military weapon made with a percussion lock and no provision for a bayonet. Bayonet lug under barrel with brass front sight brazed to front s, S O L D.U.S. Model 1795 (1809) Type III Musket by Harpers Ferry.LAYAWAY? He wrote this under the handgun Thread, so I'm guessing he got the pistol. Everything for sale on Muzzle-Loaders.com is completely legal to own, trade, transport, and sell within the United States of America. The lock is robust and sparks every time even with a fairly dull flint. If you want a 58 youll have to find a zoli or custom build one in a 58. JavaScript is disabled. N/SSA approved. The short distance from the flint to the frizzen makes a quick shot. Black-Powder Propellant, Percussion Caps or Firearm. 69. The stock is oil finished, European walnut. You are using an out of date browser. I've been shooting it for two years now and it works beautifully. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I purchased a like new Pedersoli Harpers Ferry 1805 pistol at auction. MLF Supporter. World Medals Gold (12) Give us a Call: (855) 236-5000, Pedersoli 1841 Mississippi Rifle - 54 Cal, ** total_quantity ** | ** unit_price ** / ** unit_measure **, Pedersoli Mississippi Schematic Diagram (PDF 1.2MB). PEDERSOLI US HARPERS FERRY 1816 - 17.5 MM ITALY 2005 BLACKPOWDER .69 Reno, NV 89502: Used: 8/8/2022: $860.00 : NAVY ARMS HARPERS FERRY MODEL 1803 .58 FLINTLOCK MUZZLELOADER ATF ANTIQUE Simi Valley, CA 93065: Awhile back fell into a deal on an unfired Pedersoli Harper's Ferry flint pistol with a .58 caliber rifled barrel. Officially known as the Model 1841 U.S. percussion rifle, this firearm became known as the Mississippi Rifle when it was used by a regiment of Mississippians commanded by Jefferson Davis during the Mexican War. Register today and take advantage of membership benefits. This Harpers Ferry rifle comes equipped with a 24" barrel, fixed sights, and a wood stock. Advanced project parts by THE RIFLE SHOPPE 503 Late Williams & Powell Lock (8) 508 Probin Fowler (6) 509 1776 British Rifle (1) 510 T.W . However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer to be in compliance of laws that govern their specific locale. (function (w,d) {var loader = function () {var s = d.createElement("script"), tag = d.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; s.src = "//cdn.iubenda.com/iubenda.js"; tag.parentNode.insertBefore(s,tag);}; if(w.addEventListener){w.addEventListener("load", loader, false);}else if(w.attachEvent){w.attachEvent("onload", loader);}else{w.onload = loader;}})(window, document); It is a rendition of a Harpers Ferry flintlock military "horse pistol . All orders are subject to acceptance by Muzzle-Loaders.com, which reserves the right to refuse any order. 52 caliber with a 32 5/8" barrel. The rifle features a .58 caliber barrel that is rifled and capable of firing both a patch and lead round ball or, as more commonly used in rifles of that time, a conical Minie Ball. Pedersoli Products Page Rifles - Blackpowder Page One Pennsylvania Percussion or Flintlock Rifle Without a doubt, this is one of the best reproductions of the American Rifle used by Pennsylvania hunters! It was fitted with a browned, 33-inch round barrel, rifled with seven grooves, and a steel ramrod of the trumpet head type. A HARPERS FERRY rifle is currently worth an average price of $961.64 used . I shoot two .40 caliber target pistols and both shoot 45 g of FFFg . This gun is altered to percussion in the Feder, It has a very interesting conversion to breech loading shotgun in 20 GA. Hammer must be pulled to cock position to draw the spring loaded firing pin back that has been neatly inserted into the breech, Harper's Ferry 1816 Musket 2nd type,1829 or 26 lock date,42" barrel,.69 cal flintlock,U.S. - 00919300178 It may not display this or other websites correctly. JavaScript is disabled. Great Plains Rifle Great Plains Hunter Plains Pistol Pietta. document.write(theDate.getFullYear()) For sale is a Pedersoli m1816 Musket in the original configuration of flintlock. Since 1957 we have been making reproductions of muzzle-loading and breech-loading rifles. The full length barrel is 54 caliber with both front and rear sights and has pitting. The Pedersoli1816 Harper's Ferry Musket ( for sale ) is a replica of the U.S. Model of 1816 musket that was originally produced at the Harper's Ferry and Springfield Government Arsenals between 1816 and 1844. I reckon I will just accept its limitations and keep it at 40gr as that seemed to yield pretty decent accuracy at 25yds. Quantity . The Harpers Ferry was the first flintlock pistol requested by the American Government to equip the Navy. The lock is really fast nothing like the delay on my plains rifle. One of Pedersoli's numerous reproductions is the Model 1805 Harpers Ferry pistol, a fairly faithful reproduction of the first martial pistol produced by a United States Armory. It was the first US military weapon made with a percussion lock and no provision for a bayonet. The Harper's Ferry Muske ( buy now ) took its design from the famous . Mississippi Mississippi It was considered the best looking ordnance rifle of the period. The U.S. Model 1816 Flintlock Musket was made by Harpers Ferry and Springfield arsenals from 1816 until 1884 and by various other contractors during those years. "HARPERS FERRY"NOT SPRINGFIELD.Cal. The Harper's Ferry Pistol comes in a .58 caliber barrel with a flintlock ignition system. I'd worry more about splitting the stock but the barrel on my .54 Harper's Ferry seems pretty secure and the wood is robust People use 50-60gr charges and conicals in Lyman Plains Pistols and crack the wood, it seems . Rifles Rifles Since 1957 we have been making reproductions of muzzle-loading and breech-loading rifles. Lockplate is marked "Harpers Ferry over 1807" on tail w/eagle over "US" ahead of hammer. Made by Pedersoli in Italy. N/SSA approved. & Y. and Amoskeag), Remington 1858 New Model, .36 Navy and .44 Army, Colt Walker, 1st Model Dragoon & Whitneyville Hartford, Colt Baby Dragoon, Wells Fargo and Pocket Revolvers, M1859,1863 & 1874 Sharps Rifles and Carbines, Bags, Boxes, Lock Covers & Powder Storage, FR0810 Pedersoli 2nd Model Brown Bess Musket, FR0151 Pedersoli Mortimer Flintlock Rifle 54 caliber, FR3105 Pedersoli Kentucky Rifle .45 Caliber Flint, FR0838 DGW EARLY AMERICAN JAEGER FLINT RIFLE, FR0157 Dixie Pedersoli 1777 Charleville Musket, FR1336 Hawken .50 L/H Flint Rifle by Investarms, FR0930 Pedersoli French Model 1777 Charleville Musket, FR3135 Dixie Deluxe Cub .36 Caliber Flint Rifle, FR0703 Lyman Trade Rifle - .50 Cal. ALL ORIGINAL Harpers Ferry Colt Converstion Mississippi Rifle W/ Saber Bayonet, Pre-Owned - N Starr 1842 Musket Flintlock .69 Ball 24" Rifle. Acciarino 1803 harper's ferry. The Harpers Ferry Mississippi Rifle is made by Pedersoli in Italy and is 48 5/8" in overall length and weighs 9 1/2 lbs. Site by One Dog Media, Copyright & Disclaimer 1996- The Pedersoli Harpers Ferry Flintlock Pistol comes with a hand-crafted walnut stock with brass accents. This Pedersoli Mississippi Rifle is great to take out in the field or simply display on your wall. Between 1848 and 1860 in the Springfield and Harper's Ferry's arsenals about 700,000 Model 1816 muskets were converted to percussion lock type. 1412 West Reelfoot Avenue 5, Available models These were made from 1846-1855. On Hold Sale Pending Model 1816 US Harpers Ferry flintlock conversion to percussion civil war era Musket dated 1824. This is cool, because you have a flinter thats capable of launching minie balls! Shop Pedersoli Davide & C. Gun Parts 1874 Sharps Light .22 Cal. This pistol is in good condition. Shipping and insurance to you is included (lower 48). Harpers Ferry U.S. Model 1842 Civil War Musket.. ..LAYAWAY? The 1841 Mississippi features brass furniture, a single trigger and an ornate casehardened lockplate marked "U.S." surmounted by American Eagle. HarpersFerry Rifle 1829. Wood has a few repairs and has a high gloss refinish. Four of Italy's most highly respected gunmakers: F.A.I.R., Sabatti, Pedersoli, and FT Italia bring the latest in firearm design, technology and materials to the United States while continuing to follow the centuries-old gun manufacturing traditions of Italy. The Price for a Pedersoli Harper's Ferry has increased in cost by $0.00 in 2023 compared to 2022. Fred . The lock is stamped Harpers Ferry 1816. 42" round with smooth bore having 1849 date on top tang. Brown Bess - GRICE - 1762 by Davide Pedersoli, Italy (2) Colonial American syle, flint, right hand lock, by R. E. Davis (2) . no S/N. Made by Pedersoli in Italy. Union City, TN 38261, Outside of the U.S.:1-731-885-0700 Reply. I think they use the same shallow three groove rifling that is used in their other CW rifles. Zoli Harpers Ferry rifles are the only reproductions Im aware of that were in 58. Specifications Features Product Information Product Warranty Pedersoli Warranty (LINK) Product Manual mobile homes for sale in mt pleasant, pa, 1199 insurance coverage, kingston jamaica homes for rent,